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Expansion umbrella brand concept Vogtland

As part of the "tourist destination development Vogtland" an umbrella brand for the Vogtland was developed in 2013/14. This step was necessary in order to bundle all activities in the Vogtland core areas under a unified, transnational tourist roof and to use resulting synergies to strengthen the perception of the Vogtland region.

Vogtland Verkehr Architekturprinzip

Based on this brand we have developed in a semiannual sprint a new assembly principle especially for the Verkehrsverbund Vogtland (VVV) with the aim to transfer this system to the entire administrative region of Vogtland (Saxony).

The Verkehrsverbund Vogtland - VVV, now dispensed in a first step on his old trademark and finds its place in the newly developed brand architecture by us. This puts the VVV be the first users more closely to the brand near and bears a major help to support the tourism brand on your way to a fully integrated location brand.

Vogtland Verkehr 100
Vogtland Verkehr 50


For the transfer of the tourist brand in the scope of a structured sender policy for the Vogtland (Saxony), using systems had to be developed to ensure a further array of font, graphics and colors. It was necessary to lay the foundations for this extended brand use in the Vogtland.

Vogtland Verkehr Marken
Vogtland Verkehr Fahne


A derived therefrom architecture concept makes it possible to characterize different sender levels consistent. For the brand a solid "sender area" has been assigned, which can be occupied depending on the requirements of colors and markings of the structural parts of the saxon Vogtland.

The Verkehrsverbund Vogtland takes as the first user the implementation of the concept with the renunciation of his own brand. Based on this application, a comprehensive solution for the saxon Vogtland could be developed in the first phase. In addition to establishing the brand in the tourism sector is now the same for more advanced topics such as Business, education, youth and family are used.

Vogtland Verkehr Konzept


The aim of the extension of the umbrella brand concept is a strengthening of the profile both internally and externally, to position the Vogtland even more intense than open and confident to live and work location in the competition between regions.

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